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GARDENA, Calif. – Nov. 12, 2014 – The Carroll Shelby Foundation’s holiday ornament fundraising campaign was so popular in 2013, that the non-profit organization will continue the series with one that will benefit the Children's Organ Transplant Association (COTA) this year. The Carroll Shelby Foundation will offer the new exclusive ornament, available only through the charity, kicking off on Nov. 17. The new ornament celebrates the upcoming 50th anniversary of the 1965 Ford Shelby GT350.

Established by legendary automotive icon and philanthropist Carroll Shelby, the Carroll Shelby Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides medical and educational support for children from their first heartbeat through their educational years. COTA is the premier organization providing fundraising assistance to families hoping for a life-saving transplant.

“When Carroll Shelby founded this organization, he challenged fellow car enthusiasts to rally around kids in need,” said Jenni Shreeves, executive director of the Carroll Shelby Foundation. “Over the years, we’ve been supporting that mission. The response to our first ornament was amazing, so we designed one for 2014.  What could be more ‘Shelby’ than offering an exclusive collectible that commemorates an important milestone while also benefitting children in need.”


This year’s ornament is white with blue accents to honor the first Shelby based on a Ford Mustang. Built in December 1964, the Ford Shelby GT350 was personally unveiled by Carroll Shelby at Riverside Raceway the next month. The 1965 model year Shelby GT350s were Wimbledon white; blue stripes were an option.


The Carroll Shelby Foundation will offer the dazzling collectible ornament both online and at Carroll Shelby's Store for $20. A portion of the proceeds from the sale will benefit COTA, an organization that provides fundraising for children in need of organ transplantation. This will be the only official Shelby Holiday ornament in the world in 2014.


“COTA provides assistance and support to families who are facing a life-saving transplant,” said Rick Lofgren, President of the Children’s Organ Transplant Association. “’Giving Hope and Making Miracles’ is more than a slogan for COTA; it is our guiding vision. COTA was founded on the belief that every transplant-needy child and young adult deserves a second chance at life, and funding should never stand in the way of that.”

To learn more about the Carroll Shelby Foundation, make a donation or order an item with the exclusive commemorative signature, go to www.carrollshelbyfoundation.org. Ornaments are only available for shipment within the United States.


About The Carroll Shelby Foundation

The Carroll Shelby Foundation was created by legendary racer and automotive manufacturer Carroll Shelby. Headquartered in Gardena, Calif., the Foundation is dedicated to providing medical assistance for those in need, including children, educational opportunities for young people through automotive and other training programs and benefitting the Shelby Automotive Museum. For more information visit CarrollShelbyFoundation.org.   




Check out these new videos from Ford Motor Company!

Video 1: Ford Performance Heritage

Ford has a legendary performance heritage that spans almost every racing series around the world.  Lessons learned on the race track help influence Ford’s lineup of performance vehicles for consumers.   Learn how Ford performance continues to push the envelope on the race track and on the road.



Video 2: Ford Performance Driving DNA

Form and functionality come together in the development of Ford performance vehicles, marrying engineering and design to create great looking and fun to drive cars.



Video 3: Ford Performance and Powertrain

Ford takes on a race-minded mentality for its race cars that it does for its performance cars for its customers. 



Is the Shelby GT500 KR King of the Muscle Cars?

The title of ‘world’s greatest muscle car’ gets thrown around quite a bit: adorning Chargers, Mustangs, Camaros, GTOs, and about a half-dozen other high-powered machines, circa the late ‘60s.

But how to pinpoint the best?


The rest of the infograph can be found at: http://news.boldride.com/2014/11/shelby-gt500-kr-king/61839/


Check out the latest issue of American Car Collector September/October 2014, which features the 1965 Shelby GT350 which sold for $286K.



LAS VEGAS – Oct. 23, 2014 – Shelby Performance Parts (SPP), a division of Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI:PK), is introducing a line of premium performance equipment for 2005-2015 Ford Mustangs, beginning with the 20” Venice wheel. Designed by Shelby American and built exclusively for the company by WELD Racing, the Venice one piece forged wheel is light, strong and allows the fitment of wider tires to 2005+ Ford Mustangs, including Shelby models. The wheel will debut at the Las Vegas SEMA show in the WELD Racing booth (#24957).

“Shelby American’s reputation for superior performance was earned by combining brilliant innovation with smart engineering,” said Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American and co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International. “Global distribution of the 2015 Ford Mustang is opening new markets for Shelby, especially for equipment that leverages leading-edge composites and innovative manufacturing methods. From Honolulu to Hong Kong and points between, Shelby parts put people at the front of the pack.”

Shelby American’s Venice wheel is a forged aluminum work of art, saving not just overall vehicle weight, but also rotational mass. Available in 20” X 9.5” and 20” X 10.5” sizes, they are stronger and lighter than stock units, slashing as much as 20 lbs. of weight from the car. Finishes for the ten spoke wheel include polished, black and black with a machined face. The wheels are available as of Oct. 27 to customers worldwide at http://www.shelbystore.com.

“WELD Racing is thrilled to be an official supplier to Shelby American,” said Norman Young, president and CEO, WELD Racing. “WELD Racing and Shelby are both iconic names with unmatched history of engineering higher levels of performance, making this partnership an excellent fit for years to come.”

Hand forged and finished by master craftsmen, Shelby’s Venice wheels rival those from premium European manufacturers. Yet like Shelby vehicles, they were designed and built in the United States.

“While many companies use a ‘one size fits all’ approach to put multi-piece wheels created for Camaros and Challengers on the car, our new wheel was designed to specifically for the Mustang from the beginning,” said Akos Feher, vice president of operations at Shelby American and Shelby Performance Parts. “Venice exemplifies Shelby’s ‘no compromise’ attitude.”

A leading manufacturer of premium racing, performance and truck wheels for over 45 years, WELD Racing only uses forged aluminum for more strength, less weight and greater consistency from wheel to wheel. WELD Racing’s street wheels are tested and produced by the same people on the same equipment to the same quality control standards as their racing units.

The Venice wheels start at $1,150 each plus shipping, applicable taxes and handling. Customers worldwide can purchase a set at www.shelbyperformanceparts.com or by calling (702) 405-3500.



Shelby’s Cobra Daytona Coupe has been nominated for the International Historic Motoring Awards’ Car of the Year.  This prototype broke 23 records at Bonneville in 1965 and in 2014 became the first car to be accepted into The National Historic Registry of the United States. Shelby fans can help by voting at http://historicmotoringawards.com/categories.php?action=vote&id=1. Voting closes on November 1st.  




LAS VEGAS – October 9, 2014 - Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI.PK), today announced the reorganization of its executive management team to meet anticipated global demand for its vehicles and parts. CFO Keith Belair will be named chief operating officer, reporting to CEO Joe Conway, while vice president of Shelby Performance Parts Akos Feher will become vice president of operations. Gary Patterson will serve as vice president of Strategic Sales and Media Relations. Keith Criswell will be named director of Shelby Performance Parts and JoAnn Mansell will become controller. 


“While Shelby American traditionally focused on the North American market, we’ve been transitioning into a global company over the past year,” said Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American and Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International. “The first step was to relocate to a facility near the Las Vegas executive airport. Simultaneously, we streamlined our manufacturing processes and began investing in our next generation of product to follow the Ford Mustang worldwide. Now we’re realigning our team to optimize development and production of our class-leading vehicles.”


Keith Belair has served as Shelby American CFO for the past six years. He joined Shelby after serving as CFO at OpX Capital Partners. Prior to his work there, Keith was CFO for XC Networks, the largest private cross border telecommunications company between the U.S. and Mexico. During his time with XC, Keith supported the company’s international operations. Previously, he spent more than a decade in venture capital and automotive vendor finance, in addition to a stint in Tokyo with a subsidiary of the Toyota family of companies.


“As a car enthusiast, I’ve enjoyed being part of the Shelby American team during some of its most successful years,” said Belair. “I look forward to leveraging my experience, both domestically and abroad, to help Shelby expand profitably. This reorganization positions Shelby American perfectly to meet our global ambitions.”


Feher rejoined Shelby American in May 2014 to head up the Shelby Performance Parts division. An experienced engineer, he previously served as the Director of Production and Strategic Planning at Shelby American when the company was building both pre-title and post-title vehicles. He also helped create Shelby Performance Parts and Team Shelby. Feher has extensive experience with international automotive projects.


As vice president of operations, Feher will oversee all current Shelby vehicles production at the Las Vegas facility. He will also manage production, the parts inventory and paint facility. In addition, Feher will direct all R&D as he works directly with Ford Motor Company and Ford Racing on new vehicles.


Gary Patterson has been a key team member at Shelby from the birth of the continuation Cobra to the Series 1 program through the current Mustang and Raptor based vehicles. He joined Shelby in 1996 and has been a vice president at Shelby American since 2005.


In his new role, Patterson will manage corporate communications and a broad range of strategic consumer initiatives and experiences. Leveraging his extensive background with Shelby, he will oversee a variety of programs that interact directly with enthusiasts and the media. Patterson will also play a key role in the oversight of Team Shelby for Shelby American. He will report to Mr. Conway and provide day-to-day support to Mr. Belair.


Aftermarket veteran Keith Criswell has been managing the wholesale department in the Shelby Performance Parts division. Joann Mansell has been accounting manager for the past several years. Both were promoted into their new roles on October 10.


“Just like Carroll Shelby did throughout his leadership of the company, we’re placing talented people in positions where they can have the maximum impact on our business,” said Conway. “This multi-year plan will help us deliver even better vehicles and parts much faster to a customer base that stretches from the USA to Asia, South America and Europe. Shelby American is about to write an entirely new chapter in its history.”


A very special congratulations to Alex and his family on the delivery of this gorgeous Blue Flame Shelby Raptor with silver splash graphics! Where would you take this 575HP beast off-roading first?


Tim Park aboard CSX2259 a 1964 289 Shelby Cobra at the Monterey Historics from Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.


Here's another great shot from the Gary Davis salute at Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas over the weekend. Jim Owens of Ford Motor Company (and former Shelby employee), Gary Bennett and Steve Davis of Barrett-Jackson joined Gary on stage for one more memory.


Shelby American's own Gary Davis is retiring soon. He was honored by Shelby, Ford and Barrett-Jackson at the Las Vegas auction on Friday. We will miss you, Gary!


Gary Patterson is talking with Dan Longenette from Street Rod & Custom radio in front of Carroll Shelby's Store at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas. The full online-video interview will be available soon at www.autosmartsradio.com.


Gary Patterson with Alan Taylor on ERN Radio at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas, talking about the great legacy of Carroll Shelby and the exciting future of #ShelbyAmerican!


Product previews and contests are soon to come for the official store! Follow the Carroll Shelby Store on Twitter and Instagram! @shelby_store


Here is $75 million dollars worth of Shelby Cobras for you day!




LAS VEGAS – September 15, 2014 - Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI.PK), announced today that Gary Davis will retire from the company as executive vice president of operations. Mr. Davis, the longest tenured production and operations executive in the company’s 52 year history, has been instrumental in the delivery of every Shelby vehicle built over the past 16 years.


“For almost two decades, Gary Davis has been a key part of Shelby American,” said Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American and Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International. “Carroll always had a keen eye for talent, so he asked Gary to join Shelby American’s Cobra program in 1998. Gary’s capabilities propelled him into development and production of vehicles ranging from the Ford Shelby Hertz cars to the Shelby 1000. During his tenure, Gary worked closely with key partners like Ford Motor Company, as well as equipment suppliers to create our Shelby Performance Parts division. His fingerprints are on every facet of our business.”


Cut from the same cloth as Shelby legends Phil Remington and Bernie Kretzschmar, Davis is a genuine American hot rodder. It was while overseeing production, as well as research & development at Shelby American, that Davis was able to unleash his creative spirit.


“I’ve loved being part of Shelby American,” said Davis. “It was a privilege to work for Carroll Shelby. He gave me the opportunity to build some fantastic cars and meet many wonderful people. I’d like to thank everyone at Shelby American, especially Joe Conway and CFO Keith Belair for making my time so memorable.”


Davis’ responsibilities included overseeing all current Shelby vehicles production at the Las Vegas facility. He also managed production and management of the parts inventory and paint facility. In addition, Davis ran all research and development at the Las Vegas design center. However, one particular job he completed summarizes Davis’ versatility.


“We asked Gary to oversee the relocation to our new Las Vegas strip facility last year,” added Conway. “That was an immense responsibility. He rose to the challenge, managing a smooth move into a facility that will make Shelby American more flexible, effective and productive. While all of his accomplishments have been impressive, he merits special recognition for this particular job. Gary deserves to enjoy his retirement, but he will be sorely missed.” 


Now eligible for retirement, Davis and his wife plan to travel the country in their motorhome.


“I want to visit all the places where enthusiasts have been enjoying their cars,” said Davis. “I look forward to seeing some of the cars that I helped build running around the track at Hallett or winning trophies at the MCA shows. Carroll always talked about the Daytona Speed Week and that will be near the top of the list. I look forward to seeing a lot of my Shelby connected friends at events around the country.”


A lifelong hot rodding fan from the Midwest, Gary fell in love with fast cars as a youth. He spent his high school years honing mechanical skills to compete at the local drag strip. As an adult, he worked for a variety of high of profile companies, learning to perfect production systems and manufacturing processes.


Davis has been responsible for production of all Shelby’s cars over the past few years, which have included:

  • Continuation Shelby Cobras
  • 2006 Shelby GT-H (Hertz) and 2007 Shelby GT-H convertible
  • 2007 Shelby GT500 40th Anniversary car
  • 2007 – 2008 Shelby GT
  • 2007 – 2014 Shelby Super Snake
  • 2005 – 2010 Terlingua Racing Team
  • 2007 – 2009 Shelby Super Snake Prudhomme Edition
  • 2008 – 2009 Shelby GT500KR
  • 2011 – 2013 Shelby GT350
  • 2010 – 2014 Shelby GT
  • 2012 – 2014 Shelby Raptor
  • 2012 – 2014 Shelby 1000
  • 2013 – 2014 Shelby Focus ST


Mr. Davis’ last official day at Shelby American will be October 10, 2014. He plans to be available to assist his successor during the transition.


About Shelby American, Inc.

Shelby American manufactures and markets performance vehicles and related products. The company builds authentic continuation Cobras, including the 427 S/C, 289 FIA and 289 street car component vehicles. Shelby American offers the Shelby 1000, GT500 Super Snake, GT and GTS post-title packages for the 2005-2014 Ford Mustang, as well as the 2013-2014 Shelby Focus ST and 2012-2014 Ford Raptor. For more info, visit www.shelbyamerican.com.


“Gentleman Tom’s” Shelby Competition Cobra sells for $1.96 million in London - See more at: http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2014/09/11/gentleman-toms-shelby-competition-cobra-sells-for-1-96-million-in-london/#sthash.HSVRPRJE.dpuf
“Gentleman Tom’s” Shelby Competition Cobra sells for $1.96 million in London - See more at: http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2014/09/11/gentleman-toms-shelby-competition-cobra-sells-for-1-96-million-in-london/#sthash.HSVRPRJE.dpuf

“Gentleman Tom’s” Shelby Competition Cobra sells for $1.96 million in London

Tom Payne was a racer, businessman and would-be-politician who once hot-lapped a Canadian race track wearing a Glen Plaid suit, as he ran out of time to change into driver’s coveralls before the event. The stunt earned him the nickname “Gentleman Tom,” and on Monday his 1964 Shelby 289 Competition Cobra, chassis CSX2430, sold for 1,176,000 pounds ($1.96 million, including buyer’s fees) at RM’s London sale.

Built specifically as a racing Cobra for Payne, CSX2430 was constructed with fender flares, FIA-certified Halibrand wheels, a chrome roll bar, a hood scoop, racing-specification brakes with cooling ducts, side exhausts, dual fuel tanks, an oil cooler, a differential cooler, a racing seat, a Sun tachometer, and a fuel pressure gauge. Beneath the hood was a competition-spec 289-cu.in V-8, fed by a quartet of Weber 48 IDM carburetors and sending roughly 400 horsepower through a Borg-Warner T-10 four-speed transmission.

Payne raced the car from August 1964 through December of 1965 (when he was given a 427 Cobra), running it in the U.S. Road Racing Championships, SCCA Divisional races and at the Nassau, Bahamas, Tourist Trophy Race. With Payne behind the wheel, the Cobra consistently delivered podium finishes, but only a single victory, at Waterford Hills in August of 1964. When Payne was done with CSX2430, it was sold to John Addison, who raced the car through the 1966 season.

- See more at: http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/


"The Importance of Being Shelby" Looking at publicity shots of Carroll Shelby from the 1950s, with Stetson and crooked smile in place, you could be forgiven for thinking him the lead man in a classic John Ford Western.

In fact Shelby’s story plays out like a movie, albeit with a different Ford behind the scenes. Full of adventure, pioneering spirit and enterprise this modern day Texan roustabout turned trail boss chased thrills and dollars wherever he could...

More information read here: http://www.influx.co.uk/wordpress/features/carroll-shelby/#sthash.2kAz1SzW.d _________________________________________________________

This is a demonstration of Ford's Shelby Raptor and it's off-road performance capabilities.


New items on Shelby eBay Store

Items in Welcome to the Shelby American eBay Store. Come visit us at our new location just south of the Strip in Las Vegas. 6405 Ensworth St, Las Vegas NV 89119 store on eBay!

Shelby eBay Store


We have some awesome items for you this holiday weekend. Find them here.



Our Art Director, David Tomaro, has created three possible cover concepts, and we'd like to know which one is your favorite. Click here to cast your vote! In addition, please take a few moments and answer some questions about collector cars. It should all take less than a minute, and your answers help determine the content of our magazine. Voting ends Saturday, August 30th, at Midnight PST.


50 Years of Movie Mustangs

Over the past five decades the Mustang has appeared in hundreds of big-name Hollywood films

In some cases, it was product placement. In others, it was a matter of the producer, or even one of the starring actors, requesting a Mustang because of its cool factor. For the past 50 years, starting with a James Bond film in 1964, the Mustang has appeared in hundreds of movies as a starring role, and if you include the sometimes just fleeting glimpses in the background the movie list jumps into the thousands.



First Japanese supercar? You might be tempted to say it's the Honda NSX or the least known Nissan R390, but then you are wrong. The first car that introduced Japan in the supercar segment is the Toyota 2000GT. Which can also be considered the most beautiful looking and the most wanted car ever to come from the Land of The Rising Sun.

Low, sleek and very fast for their era, there were only 351 2000GTs ever made. And while two of them got their roofs chopped so Sean Connery could fit them in the You Only Live Twice James Bond movie, one got obliterated by a fallen tree in Japan and three of them were given to racing legend Carol Shelby.

Back in the US of A, Shelby stripped two of them out of unnecessary bits, increased their engine capacity, replaced the tires, suspension and entered both of them in the SCCA (Sports Car Club if America) production car races in the CP category. The third one was kept as a spare.

Oh, forgot to say that among the three cars, on of them was wearing the MF10-100001 number chassis, which is basically the first 2000GT ever made.

The two special prepped 2000GTs competed only one season in 1968, being only outrun by a Porsche 911, which placed them on second and third places.

After the season, the spare unit was shipped back to Japan where it got build as a replica of the SCCA winner. The two racing cars remained in the US, one of them having been sold a while ago at an auction for about $1,7 million.

So next time someone says is a Shelby fan, don’t forget to test his knowledge and ask what he knows about the only Toyota model that got to be touched by the famous American automotive designer and racing driver.



Send an email with your (1) shirt size and (2) shipping address to this email link and be entered to win this shirt!



$6.9 Million for a Ford GT40 concept car at Monterey Car Week!

An extremely rare 1965 Ford GT40 prototype, raced by legends Carroll Shelby and others, was auctioned for $6.9 million at this year's Monterey Car Week.



Photos from The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering in Carmel, California.

More Information can be found here:



  • Carroll Shelby’s Store will offer exclusive limited edition merchandise with the famous Shelby marque
  • Ford GT designer Camilo Pardo will autograph prints at Carroll Shelby’s Store
  • Monterey Motorsports Reunion will celebrate the centennial of Maserati, which Carroll Shelby raced

GARDENA, Calif. – Aug. 12, 2014 – – Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc., (CSBI.PK) will showcase their Carroll Shelby’s Store for the first time at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion, held at the Laguna Seca track in California from August 14 – 17. The store will be a fan favorite with exclusive new special edition licensed products, including items designed by former Ford GT designer and artist Camilo Pardo, who will also be in attendance.

“This will be a very historic year as Carroll Shelby’s Store makes its debut at Monterey Motorsports Reunion while the event is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Maserati, a marque that Carroll Shelby raced successfully,” said Neil Cummings, co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International. “As Shelby evolved into a cultural icon, the hunger for authentic branded items has grown. Bringing the Carroll Shelby’s Store to Laguna Seca will give enthusiasts the opportunity to take home some of that history.”

The store will offer limited edition items that are exclusive to the event. The selection will include an incredible array of fresh, authorized products including memorabilia, stylish shirts and hats and exclusive Camilo Pardo designed apparel items.

On Saturday, August 16, Camilo Pardo will sign prints at the Carroll Shelby’s Store, alongside his prized Ford GT. Pardo is best known for his creative design of the Ford GT in 2005 and 2006; he also designed the graphic wrap for the Carroll Shelby’s Store on Wheels and special edition memorabilia. Now a freelance artist and auto designer, Pardo is a contestant on Motor City Masters.

“Shelby has always had a special place in my heart” said Camilo. “I spent a great deal of time with Carroll personally while designing the GT40. I’m honored to be invited to attend this event and help continue Carroll’s legacy. I plan to drive my personal Ford GT to the event as a tribute to him.”

Carroll Shelby was a world class racing driver before retiring to build street cars due to a heart illness. Some of his most significant victories were behind the wheel of Maserati race cars.

“Maserati and Carroll have a wonderful history together,” said Tracey Smith, executive vice president of Licensing and Media Relations for Carroll Shelby International. “In December of 1960, Carroll drove his last race in a Type 61 Birdcage Maserati, winning the USAC driving championship for 1960. Our hope is that this car will be displayed there, along with the Ford GT that Camillo owns. Having the two of those vehicles at the track when we open Carroll Shelby’s Store will be a great way to celebrate Shelby’s history and future.”

The Monterey Motorsports Reunion is part of the Monterey Classic Car Week, a prestigious annual series of events, held August 11-17 in the Monterey peninsula. The event attracts fans of exotic and classic cars from around the world.

For more information on events visit www.montereycarweek.com.

For more information on Camilo Pardo and his works, visit www.camilopardo.com.

About Carroll Shelby Licensing
Automotive manufacturer and entrepreneur Carroll Shelby is one of the most famous and successful high performance visionaries in the world. He was also a pioneer for modern automotive licensing programs; beginning in the 1960s, he began licensing his name and designs for various products.  He founded Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc., which is the exclusive holder of trademarks and vehicle design rights for some of the most famous muscle cars and high-performance vehicles. CSL also holds trademark rights for Shelby-branded apparel, accessories and collectibles. For more information about the company or licensing opportunities, call (310) 914-1843, fax (310) 538-8189, write Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc., 19021 S Figueroa St., Gardena, CA 90248, or visitshelbylicensing.com or carrollshelbyinternational.com.



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Mr. Cobra and his...COBRAS

Story Here



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Do you want a 2014 Shelby GT Super Snake? Here may be your chance:






Las Vegas, Nev. – July 31, 2014Shelby Performance Parts (SPP), a division of Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI:PK), has launched an official eBay store to offer special items, rare vehicles and its line of parts to customers worldwide. The SPP eBay official store is similar to those opened by Apple, Ducati, Sony and Nissan.

“Ebay stores offer companies an opportunity to experiment with products, innovate and expand their distribution through a new channel,” said Akos Feher, vice president of Shelby Performance Parts. “While North American sales are strong, demand from our international customer base is exploding. Global customers tell us that they are very comfortable and familiar with the eBay platform and consistently use it for purchases. Given our existing relationship with PayPal, opening an eBay store was a logical step.”

The first eBay listings are for special items signed personally by Carroll Shelby, along with a selection of discontinued products. Upcoming plans include the sale of open-box items, clearance parts, mix-matched pieces, refurbs and even concept vehicles.

“Ebay is a great platform to instantly upload items that don’t fit into our normal website,” added Tom Hribar, Shelby Performance Parts eBay manager. “For instance, we’re selling historic shop banners that hung inside our former facility and autographed memorabilia. These items are one-offs that can’t be found anywhere else.”

The eBay site can be found at www.stores.ebay.com/shelbyauctions with new listings daily.

About Shelby American, Inc. and Carroll Shelby Licensing

Founded by legend Carroll Shelby, Shelby American manufactures and markets performance vehicles and related products. The company builds authentic continuation Cobras, including the 427 S/C, 289 FIA and 289 street car component vehicles; it offers the Shelby GT, 1000, GT500 Super Snake and GTS post-title packages for the 2005-2014 Ford Mustang. Shelby American also builds the Shelby Raptor muscle truck and Shelby Focus ST hot hatch. For more information, visit www.shelbyamerican.com. Shelby American is a subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI.PK). Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc., also a wholly owned division, is the exclusive holder of Carroll Shelby's trademarks and vehicle design rights. It also holds trademark rights for Shelby-branded apparel, accessories and collectibles. Info is at www.shelbylicensing.com.



The Snake the Mongoose: A Shelby Connection

Most Mustang and Shelby enthusiasts are unaware of Carroll Shelby and Don "The Snake" Prudhomme's long-time friendship and racing association. In fact, during the late 1960s, Shelby sponsored Prudhomme's 427 Cammer-powered dragster. It was called the "Super Snake," no doubt a double reference to Prudhomme's nickname and Shelby's reputation for building fast Cobras.

Carroll Shelby liked what he saw in Prudhomme's racing and wanted to be involved with his success. That's when Shelby offered Prudhomme something he could not refuse, a great business relationship and the opportunity to drive the Ford-powered Super Snake dragster powered by an Ed Pink 427 SOHC Cammer topped with a Detroit diesel blower. The Shelby/Prudhomme marriage ended in 1969 when Ford pulled out of racing. 


But the friendship endured until the day Carroll died. It was a friendship built upon mutual admiration for each other's talents, the love of hot rods and the fun they both had figuring out how to make them go faster.  


They got to work together again 40 years later when Shelby Automotive made an extraordinary tribute car named after Don Prudhomme. Shelby and Prudhomme dreamed up the 800 “street legal” HP Shelby GT500. Not only was it rare in to have so much horsepower, the car could make it down a 1/4 mile in less than 10 seconds. It had a body that lifted up like a funny car did, with a blower coming out of the hood and of course, snake logos - including a Snake Racing logo. 


There were only 100 built and there was a fantastic unveiling at the NHRA museum with both Shelby and Prudhomme in attendance.  


When Caroll Shelby died on May 12, 2012, Don Prudhomme was in the middle of overseeing the shooting of the film "Snake and Mongoose" about his life and rivalry with Tom ("the Mongoose") McEwen. He dropped everything and flew to attend Carroll's funeral.


The film contains wonderful footage of not only Shelby's Super Snake Dragster which Prudhomme has lovingly restored and kept in his collection for over 45 years, but also restored vintage footage of Prudhomme racing Shelby's Super Snake all over the United States from 1967-1969.  


The film is a must see for all Shelby lovers!  It can be found on Amazon at http://amzn.to/1eFiL3Q or at www.snakeandmongoosemovie.com/store.


We are pleased to exclusively offer to Shelby collectors for the next 3 weeks this pre-order opportunity prior to the release of this Shelby GT350 to the general public and dealers. This special release features the WT 6066 paint with the dealer applied stripe package and includes both a signed letter of authenticity and a print of the original Shelby announcement on the special paint codes. Only 168 of these models will be produced which will surely make these models an instant sellout so get your orders entered quickly to guarantee your reservation!

In 1968, six special paint colors appeared on Shelbys. They were known by their special "WT" identification code number. The total production number of these special “WT” paint cars was just 159 across all six paint variations. These cars were sold as part of Ford's "Summer Sales Promotion". The “WT” cars were offered on both the GT500KR and GT350 models, and were only avaiable with black or saddle interiors. This Shelby GT350 has been authentically color matched to the original WT 6066 specs



While every Shelby car is special, some have pretty fascinating stories behind them. Hot Rod Magazine shared one such story about a 1968 GT500KR. Read about it at: http://www.hotrod.com/featuredvehicles/1207_1968_g_t_500_kr_royal_vroom_in_metallic_maroon/

Survivor Cobras are so cool! Anthony Boosalis shares his golden find

Story Here


Jim Labadie's support of JDRF wins him a 2014 Shelby Focus ST. 

See story here: Jim Labadie wins Shelby Focus ST


Kevin and Jan Jones, Ford and Shelby enthusiast, had a chance to meet with Ari Kopmar, Executive Vice President of Carroll Shelby Consumer Initiatives, and Tracey Smith, Director of Carroll Shelby Licensing, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England, this weekend. 

Look at the smiles on their faces. It's a joy to see and meet Shelby friends all over the world. 


This is for those looking to break the 1000HP mark

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"This brain-melting 1325-hp Shelby-built turbine Indycar is for sale"



Bill Shepherd's Mustang at Goodwood Festival of Speed in England


The new 2015 Ford Mustang at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in Englad



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The ground-pounding 575HP Shelby Raptor and 2 monstrous 850+HP Shelby Super Snakes rumbled to the WFAA Channel 8 studios in Dallas, Texas on June 20, 2014. Aaron Shelby and Gary Patterson were present to discuss the upcoming LegacyTexas Bank Shelby Car Show, hosted in Plano, Texas on June 21.






LAS VEGAS – June 19, 2014Shelby American, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI:PK), named Jim Labadie of Dexter, Michigan, as the winner of the charity car raffle program benefiting JDRF, the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. On June 19, Jim was presented with a 2014 Shelby Focus ST, complete with a Shelby performance package upgrade, at the Shelby American factory in Las Vegas.


“We were honored when Ford Motor Company invited us to support the charity,” said Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American. “This is an important charity for Ford and we’re happy to help move the needle forward in this endeavor.”


The drawing was held at the Ford Motor Company World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, and raised $47,000 for JDRF. Since 1998, Ford Motor Company has raised more than $45 million for JDRF through a variety of programs and events, including this campaign.


“Ford is proud of its ongoing partnership with JDRF in the fight to cure type 1 diabetes,” says Edsel B. Ford II, Board Director, Ford Motor Company.  “Our collaboration with Shelby has also been very important to Ford and we were thrilled that they chose to join us in support of JDRF.”


The Shelby Focus ST has a custom leather interior, a Shelby short-throw shifter and is finished off with a unique Shelby CSM badge. The Shelby performance package sports a Ford Racing suspension that drops the car an inch, bigger brakes, new Shelby wheels and sticky performance tires. Shelby also installed a cold air intake, a Borla exhaust and a performance engine tune.


Labadie was presented with the vehicle at the Shelby American factory on June 19. The vehicle was documented in the official Shelby registry and is one of only 500 vehicles built for the model year. The post-title package for the Shelby Focus ST begins at $14,995, not including the base car. Labadie will drive the vehicle back home to Dexter with his two children.

About Shelby American, Inc. and Carroll Shelby Licensing

Founded by legend Carroll Shelby, Shelby American manufactures and markets performance vehicles and related products. The company builds authentic continuation Cobras, including the 427 S/C, 289 FIA and 289 street car component vehicles; it offers the Shelby 1000, GT350, GT500 Super Snake and GTS post-title packages for the current generation Ford Mustang. Shelby American also builds the Shelby Raptor muscle truck and Shelby Focus ST hot hatch. For more information, visit www.shelbyamerican.com. Shelby American is a division of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI.PK). Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc., also a wholly owned division, is the exclusive holder of Carroll Shelby's trademarks and vehicle design rights. It also holds trademark rights for Shelby-branded apparel, accessories and collectibles. Information is at www.shelbylicensing.com.


About JDRF

JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research.  JDRF’s goal is to progressively remove the impact of T1D from people’s lives until we achieve a world without T1D.  JDRF collaborates with a wide spectrum of partners and is the only organization with the scientific resources, regulatory influence, and a working plan to better treat, prevent, and eventually cure T1D.  As the largest charitable supporter of T1D research, JDRF is currently sponsoring $568 million in scientific research in 17 countries. For more information, visit www.jdrf.org.




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Happy ‪#‎TriviaTuesday‬ Shelby fans!!!

Try your hand at all three questions. Answer correctly and you’ll be added to a drawing to win some great Carroll Shelby tribute gear. You have 48 hours!

Q1: What 1964 event was Parnelli Jones’ sports car racing debut in a Shelby King Cobra?

Q2: The only Shelby GT350 to race at Le Mans appeared in 1967. Who were the drivers?

Q3: In what year did Dave MacDonald secure the first win for the Shelby Cobra at the Pacific Coast Championship?

Email your responses to ShelbyAnswers@gmail.com by Thursday (June 12) at 12pm PST to be entered into the drawings.

Please do NOT comment your answers to ensure that everyone will get a fair chance!


LAS VEGAS, Nev. – June 4, 2014 – Shelby American and Carroll Shelby Licensing will be featured at the Fifth Annual Shelby Car Show, hosted by the Shelby Cobra Association of Texas (SCAT) and LegacyTexas Bank on June 21, in Plano, Texas at 5000 Legacy Dr. This one day event is free to the public and will feature Shelby American’s latest vehicles, including the 624 HP Shelby GT/SC and the limited addition 50th Anniversary Shelby FIA Cobra. Also, the mobile Carroll Shelby’s Store will be making its Texas debut. This annual event has become one of the largest Shelby shows in the Southwest.

“This event is extremely special for the Shelby family,” said Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American. “Carroll always viewed Texas as home, so it’s important to keep his heritage alive here. This year we’re pleased to display the limited addition 50th Anniversary Shelby FIA Cobra. It commemorates Shelby American’s 1964 introduction of the FIA version of the small block Cobra and celebrates its accomplishments as one of the most important cars in American racing history.”

The show kicks off at 10 a.m. with Shelby American’s high performance line-up, which includes the terrain-dominating Shelby Raptor, the wickedly powerful GT500 Super Snake and the new Shelby GT/SC. Members of the Shelby family will be in attendance as well as some of the cars from their collection.

Also, for the first time, fans will have a chance to purchase Shelby merchandise during the event from the Carroll Shelby’s Store merchandise trailer. Carroll Shelby’s Store “on wheels” will carry die casts, signs and authentic Shelby apparel which includes hats, jackets and shirts. It will have a unique selection of rare memorabilia such as legacy items signed by Carroll Shelby and limited edition prints.

“I predict this year’s show will be the best yet,” said Aaron Shelby, LegacyTexas Bank Executive vice president and grandson of Carroll Shelby. “In addition to our friends from Shelby American joining us again this year, we will also have the very limited Cobra 289 FIA on hand. Both my family and the bank are very proud of this community event.”

The Shelby car show will be held at the bank’s corporate headquarters at the intersection of Preston Road and Legacy Drive. In addition to the Shelby American models, the event will also feature rare and vintage cars from the private collection of the Shelby family, majority owners of LegacyTexas Bank.

For more information, visit LegacyTexasBank.com/ShelbyCarShow or Facebook.com/ShelbyCarShow.



Check out this Hemmings blog on the Shelby Automotive Museum!



Happy #TriviaTuesday Shelby fans!!!

Try your hand at all three questions. Answer correctly and you’ll be added to a drawing to win some Shelby gear. You have 48 hours!

Q1: What model year marked the last appearance of the Ford Shelby GT500 until it returned in 2007?

Q2: The first 2007 GT500 off the Ford Motor Company assembly line was auctioned for charity in January 2006. How much did it sell for including commission fees?

Q3: Who had the first formal victory in a Trans Am race, in a car entered by Shelby American?

Email your responses to ShelbyAnswers@gmail.com by Thursday (June 5) at 12pm PST to be entered into the drawings.

Please do NOT comment your answers to ensure that everyone will get a fair chance!


Check out this 3D design animation walkthrough of the Shelby Automotive Museum!



Check out CNET's road trip to the Las Vegas factory where history is created!



Celebrating 50 years of the Shelby Cobra in Ponoma, California

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the Cobra, a massive Shelby Cobra reunion was held at the Wally Parks N.H.R.A. Motorsports Museum in Pomona, California, where hundreds of Shelby enthusiasts and Cobra owners flocked for the celebration last weekend. Click HERE and take a look at AutoBlog's photo gallery and coverage of the festivities!



Shelby fans have one last chance to own the 50th anniversary Shelby Cobra through year-long raffle

The Carroll Shelby Foundation is offering fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win a 50th anniversary Shelby Cobra. Throughout 2012, which marks the golden anniversary of the Shelby Cobra and Shelby American, people can enter a raffle for the chance to put this rare vehicle in their own garage. The 50th Shelby Cobra up for raffle made its first appearance at Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction™ in Scottsdale Jan. 17-22, 2012.

Click on the link below to get more details!




Shelby American Celebrates 50 Years of High Performance with Special Anniversary Edition Cars


To honor its 50th anniversary, Shelby American™, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc., (CSBI.PK), is unleashing a new line of Anniversary Edition Shelby GTS, GT350® and Super Snake® vehicles. Only 50 white and 50 black of each post title Shelby model will be manufactured, making it an instant collector's item and an iconic piece of automotive history.

"Few thought that Shelby American would make it in the car business for 50 years," said Carroll Shelby. "We built the first Cobra in a rented garage and then GT350's in an old hanger. But our company is still here, manufacturing the best cars that I've ever made. The next 50 years will be even better for Shelby American."


Follow the link for the full story!



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