Hey Shelby Fans! The Carroll Shelby Foundation invites you to the celebration of the incredible life of our automotive legend with the second annual Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show on Saturday, May 17, 2014. The one day event, which will benefit the charity, will take place at the Foundation Headquarters in Gardena, CA. It will feature a Ford and Shelby car show, awards ceremony, panel discussion , a Texas style chili bar, a special homage to the 50th anniversary FIA Cobra and Daytona Coupe and an engine rev salute. We hope to see everyone there! For more info OR to register your own Shelby or Ford car, check out


Second Annual Car Show and Tribute in Southern California to Celebrate Carroll Shelby’s Legacy

The public is invited to celebrate the incredible life of an automotive legend as part of the second annual Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show on Saturday, May 17, 2014. Hosted by Carroll Shelby International, the Carroll Shelby Foundation, Carroll Shelby Licensing and Shelby American, Inc., the one day event will take place at the future home of the Carroll Shelby Automotive Museum at 19021 S. Figueroa St., Gardena, Calif. Plans include a Ford and Shelby car show, awards ceremony, panel discussion, a Texas style chili bar, special homage to the 50th anniversary FIA Cobra and Daytona Coupe and an engine rev salute. The tribute will benefit the Foundation and new museum.


“Carroll Shelby changed the course of history and touched millions of lives through his racing, his companies and his charity,” said Neil Cummings, co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International and a trustee for the Carroll Shelby Foundation. “He challenged us to honor his legacy by continuing his work. This annual event is an opportunity for everyone to share in Carroll’s passion for performance and pursuit of excellence, while also supporting his charity and So Cal’s newest automotive museum.”


Attendees will feast their eyes on some of the rarest Shelby cars from the past five decades. Carroll Shelby’s Store will offer new, limited edition merchandise for the event. Owners of Shelby and Ford powered performance vehicles interested in displaying a car can find the registration form on the Carroll Shelby Foundation website.


Event gates open at 10 a.m. PDT; while there is no charge for admission, a suggested donation to the charity includes a show decal. Due to the overwhelming popularity during last year’s event for the engine rev salute, enthusiasts are encouraged to join fans across the globe at 1 p.m. PDT to do it again. The “Rev Your Engine” salute will salute the life of Carroll Shelby.

“With the success of our first annual event last year, and in true Shelby spirit, we’re gearing up for an even bigger and better celebration this year,” said Jenni Shreeves, executive director of the Carroll Shelby Foundation. “We’ve been working closely with local clubs to ensure there will be an amazing collection of vintage Cobras and 1960s era Shelby Mustangs on display, as well as contemporary models.”



  • Shelby prototype (CSX2287) becomes first auto in Sec. of Interior's Heritage Documentation Registry
  • The car was designed and developed by the famed Shelby American team in 1964
  • Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupes helped USA capture first and only FIA world championship

Los Angeles – Feb. 12, 2014 – The prototype Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe (CSX2287) designed and developed by Carroll Shelby’s racing team, Shelby American, in 1964 is the first automobile recorded under the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Heritage Documentation. The Historical Vehicle Association announced that honor recently, unveiling the car in its “survivor” state at a press conference in Washington DC.

“We’re honored that a Shelby car is the first vehicle to attain the same status as American icons like the Golden Gate Bridge, the spacecraft ‘Enterprise’ and Mount Vernon,” said Neil Cummings, Co-Trustee for the Carroll Hall Shelby Trust and Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International. “This Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe represents the hopes, dreams and monumental effort of a group of hot rodders who changed the way the world perceived American cars. Conceived by Carroll Shelby and created by his team, it captured the public’s hearts when it captured the world championship.”

Carroll Shelby International has been cooperating with the HVA to help chronicle this incredible story. Its division, Carroll Shelby Licensing donated images and offered HVA access to materials. According to HVA, this documentation will be part of its National Historic Vehicle Register permanently archived in the Library of Congress. HVA and U.S. Department of the Interior collaborated on the effort and plan to document other historically significant automobiles.

CSX2287 was built during 1964 by Shelby American, Inc. in Los Angeles as the first of six Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupes for competition in world sports car racing. It was an attempt to improve upon the tops that were placed on the Shelby Cobra roadsters for competition on high speed tracks in Europe like Le Mans.

“One of the most important aspects to the National Historic Vehicle Register is the emphasis on creating an accurate record,” said Joe Conway, Co-Trustee for the Carroll Hall Shelby Trust and Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International. “So much lore surrounds this particular car. Early on, Shelby American tried to combat aerodynamic issues using a removable hardtop on the Cobra roadsters. Always looking for an edge, Carroll asked Peter Brock to sketch a new, better body that could be adapted to the existing chassis. Then he assigned his most important development engineer, Ken Miles, to the project. Even though many were skeptical that it would be successful, Carroll continued to finance and support development of the Cobra Daytona Coupe by his team.”

That tenacity on the part of Shelby paid off in spades. The Daytona Coupe enabled the Shelby American Cobra race team to dominate and win the International Manufacturer's GT Championship in 1965. It was the first time an American manufacturer won an international race series.

That success, as well as the popularity of the Cobra roadster has often led people to copy and claim rights to the designs. The Carroll Hall Shelby Trust owns incontestable design rights to the Shelby Cobra "Daytona" Coupe pursuant to U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Registration No. 2,958,927, and to the Shelby Cobra 289 FIA pursuant to U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Registration No. 3,490,853.

“Everyone appreciates the efforts of Peter Brock, who originated the concept of placing a hardtop on the existing Shelby Cobra roadster for aerodynamic purposes, as well as all the other employees of Shelby American who turned Carroll’s dream of building a faster version of the car for international racing” said Cummings. “With budgets being so tight, it was Carroll’s willingness to gamble on design, as well as the numerous revisions like the tail spoiler that made the car so successful. It was a total team effort.” 

HVA chose CSX2287 to be the first car in this groundbreaking program because it is among the most historically significant automobiles in America based on its association with important persons and events; its construction and aerodynamic design; and informational value as one of the few racecars from the period that has not been completely restored. The Shelby is part of the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia.

“Dr. Simeone was very gracious to allow the car to be photographed, inspected and displayed for this initiative,” said Conway. “We appreciate his patience, as well as the persistence of the HVA to properly chronicle the Shelby. Our goal is to contribute the texture and archival documentation necessary to help them complete their story accurately.”






Scottsdale, Ariz. – Jan. 17, 2014 – In 1964, Shelby American, today a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI:PK) introduced the FIA version of the small block Cobra, which competed in the 1964 World Manufacturers Championship series against marques like Aston Martin, Jaguar and Corvette. To celebrate the birth of the 289 Ford powered roadsters, Shelby American will offer 50 limited edition continuation (CSX7000) Shelby 289 FIA Cobras. Each will be painted “Viking Blue” with FIA stripes and roundels, feature a black FIA interior, special billet anniversary badges, original style wheels and a variety of additional options. The 50th Anniversary FIA Shelby Cobra will be introduced at the annual Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Ariz, on Friday, Jan. 17, 2014.


“The 289 FIA Shelby Cobras were among the most important cars in American racing history,” said John Luft, president of Shelby American. “The FIA Cobras built during that period were piloted by racing legends including Ken Miles, Dan Gurney, Phil Hill and Bob Bondurant. Thus, some of the most revered drivers in the sport put the 289 FIA Cobra into the winner’s circle. Combining a robust, powerful American engine with a lightweight chassis was sheer brilliance. Shelby’s formula still resonates today and is followed by automakers worldwide.”


Shelby American built the 289 FIA Cobras for racing; modifications included a new dash, widened front and rear fenders, cut-back doors, new dampers, racing wheels featuring the pin-drive hub, oil cooler scoops and a competition spec 289 small block engine.


Today, the CSX7000 Continuation Shelby Cobra 289 FIA’s are component vehicles that can be fitted with a proper drive train by a customer or automotive professional. Each car is built to order and delivered as a rolling chassis, less drive train, with a Shelby American issued MSO.


“Our CSX7000 cars incorporate safety and performance improvements, without sacrificing driving excitement or originality,” added Vince LaViolette, senior designer and head of R&D at Shelby American. “With a small block V8 pushing only 2,100 lbs., it’s the lightest Cobra ever built with an incredible power-to-weight ratio. This allows the small block Cobra to dive deep into corners and pull through with incredible precision and accuracy.”


The Continuation Shelby Cobra 289 FIA vehicles retain everything from the authentic style suspension to the graceful body lines, but are upgraded to contemporary standards. Shelby American uses modern disc brakes, a stronger frame and the bodies are available in either aluminum or fiberglass. The 50th Anniversary Edition also features a complete exhaust for a small block Ford V8, a special fitted car cover and optional detachable steering wheel.


“The importance and historical significance of these cars was the fact that they brought a small shop in Southern California to the forefront of international racing on two continents within the same year,” said Shelby Expert and SAAC Member Jeff Gagnon. “Shelby American took it to Ferrari, Corvette and other well-supplied, well-funded and established race teams and manufacturers. That was no small feat, even in those simpler times.”


The 50th Anniversary CSX7000 FIA Continuation Cobra will begin at $94,995 for a fiberglass or $159,995 for an aluminum bodied car, excluding drive train. Each will be documented in our ‘World Registry’ by Shelby American. Cobras can be purchased through a network of Shelby American Cobra dealers.  Information about options and availability can be found at


About Shelby American, Inc. and Carroll Shelby Licensing

Founded by legend Carroll Shelby, Shelby American manufactures and markets performance vehicles and related products. The company builds authentic continuation Cobras, including the 427 S/C, 289 FIA and 289 street car component vehicles; it offers the Shelby GT, 1000, GT350, GT500 Super Snake and GTS post-title packages for the 2005-2014 Ford Mustang. Shelby American also builds the Shelby Raptor muscle truck and Shelby Focus ST hot hatch. For more information, visit Shelby American is a subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI.PK). Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc., also a wholly owned division, is the exclusive holder of Carroll Shelby's trademarks and vehicle design rights. It also holds trademark rights for Shelby-branded apparel, accessories and collectibles. Info is at



The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving and ChildHelp, the nation’s largest organization for abused and neglected children, announced that the 10th Annual ChildHelp Drive the Dream Gala will honor the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Shelby American Le Mans victory on Jan., 11, 2013, from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. The celebration will include a panel discussion during the day with a special cocktail, dinner and display of the Ford-powered Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe with the Ferrari GTO that it narrowly beat at the Arizona Biltmore Resort in Phoenix that evening.

All of the living ’64 Le Mans team members, including drivers Bondurant and Gurney; Peter Brock; engine-builder for the winning car, Jack Hoare; and mechanic Jean Stuki will attend the Drive the Dream gala and be honored at the event. In addition, the original Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe (CSX2299) that crossed the finish line for the historic ’64 finish will displayed next to the very Ferrari GTO (5575 GT) that came second in class, right behind it.

“We’re so excited to reunite our original Shelby team and Daytona Coupe in celebration of our historic Le Mans win 50 years ago,” said Bob Bondurant. “It’s especially fitting that this celebration will happen on the birthday of the man who led us to victory, the late Carroll Shelby. For auto enthusiasts this is rare chance to join this team of racing legends who may never have the opportunity to gather like this again.”

In addition to the Gala, a panel discussion will take place on Jan. 11, 2014, from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m., which will include 1964 Le Mans-winning team of Bondurant, Gurney, Brock, Hoare and Stuki. The discussion will be led by master of ceremonies Bob Varsha, Americas Sports Car commentator with moderator Mike Schoen, author of “The Cobra-Ferrari Wars.” The winning Ford-powered Shelby Cobra Daytona will be transported from the Miller Family Museum in Utah and displayed at the Biltmore.

“Shelby-American’s victory at the 1964 Le Mans showed the world that the Americans could successfully compete in sports car racing on the international stage,” said Edsel Ford. “With a Ford engine, managed by Carroll Shelby and driven by my friends Bob Bondurant and Dan Gurney, the Cobra Daytona Coupe went on to win its class that year. With this victory, we became bolder with our goals.”

For the 1964 Le Mans, four Ferrari GTOs were entered, all aimed at beating Shelby's Daytona Coupe. The race featured a pitched battle between Shelby and Ferrari for the GT class. While Ferrari took the overall victory with their 275P, the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe piloted by Bondurant and Gurney took the GT class victory.

CSX2299 was the second Coupe built and the first completed at Carrozzeria Gransport in Modena, Italy. Using a powerful, reliable 289 CI Ford engine and a new aerodynamic body, the Cobra competed in nine FIA races and won Le Mans ‘64, Tourist Trophy '64, Daytona ‘65 and Sebring ‘65.

At Le Mans in 1964, drivers Gurney and Bondurant, clocked over 196 miles per hour on the Mulsanne straight in CSX2299 and took first place in the GT III class. Joe Schlesser drove it at Daytona in 1965, finishing between a pair of GT 40's to win its class and come in second overall. Bondurant also drove the Daytona Coupes during the 1965 season when he and the Shelby American team took the World Manufacturers Championship from Ferrari.

The public is invited to attend the 10th Annual Drive the Dream ChildHelp Gala and panel discussion. Proceeds from the Drive the Dream gala will help support ChildHelp. To make a donation or purchase tables/tickets please call Natalie Hood at (480) 922-8212 or

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that Shelby fan in your life? A must have for collectors and great for kids, the Carroll Shelby's Store is now offering the limited edition Shelby Cobra "Ride-On" car for $100 off retail price. The perfectly proportioned 427 Cobra spec chrome wheels, side exhaust pipes, rear fender gas cap, famous roll bar and official badging make this a true miniature version of a real-life Shelby Cobra. Order now to get yours before Christmas!



Supercharged Optioned Shelby GT/SC Offers up to 624 HP

  • Shelby GT unveiled at the LA Auto Show
  • Available in 430 HP naturally aspirated, 525 HP or 624 HP GT/SC versions
  • Shelby GT/SC version expected to go 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds


LOS ANGELES – Nov. 21, 2013Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI:PK), returned one of its most popular cars to the lineup today by unveiling the Shelby GT at the LA Auto Show. The new generation Shelby GT is based on the 2014 Ford Mustang GT with an incredibly attractive base price and 430 HP. The optional Shelby GT/SC supercharged model comes in either a 525 HP or a staggering 624 HP version, making it the most potent version of the car ever made.


“The Shelby GT was one of the most important vehicles in modern day Shelby history,” said John Luft, president of Shelby American. “It kicked off Shelby’s rebirth in Las Vegas by putting a Mustang-based small block car into Ford dealerships. Ever since the Shelby GT went out of production, people have clamored for its return.”


In 2007, Ford Division, Carroll Shelby and Ford Racing created the Shelby GT. Beginning as 4.6L Mustang GT’s assembled at Ford’s Flat Rock, Mich. plant, they were shipped to Shelby in Las Vegas for transformation. The 320 HP 2007 Shelby GT coupes were all Performance White or Black with silver stripes. In 2008, Shelby added Vista Blue and a choice of coupe or convertible. About 8,000 Shelby GT’s were built.


The Shelby GT was wildly popular and the people who snagged one have been one of the most passionate owner groups. The cars were often tailored with custom parts to fit an owner’s personality and then driven hard on both the street and track. The Shelby GT totally dominated its SCCA racing class in 2007 and 2008.


“Based on the standard Mustang GT, the total cost of our entry-level 2014 Shelby GT is only about $45,000, yet offers so much more than the previous model,” said, Gary Patterson, Shelby American VP of Sales. “The performance-to-price ratio makes the Shelby GT perfect for any serious pony car enthusiast.”

The new Shelby GT is a post-title program; Ford dealers send a customer’s Mustang GT coupe or convertible to Shelby for upfit. Every material performance aspect of the car is enhanced or replaced to create a potent, balanced performer worthy of the Shelby name. Entry-level package upgrades include a Ford Racing suspension, Shelby branded exhaust, intake and engine tune for 430 HP, specially designed wheels and tires, short shifter, hood and Le Mans stripes that make it uniquely Shelby. Every Shelby GT version is 50 state emissions legal and runs on pump gas.


One of the car’s most appealing aspects is the opportunity for personalization. Choosing from an array of options, customers can opt for a more hard-edged suspension, better braking and supercharger upgrades, as well as a vast selection of performance and styling parts from Shelby Performance Parts.


“While the Shelby GT is very affordable for such an exclusive vehicle, a post title program allows us to take performance to new levels,” said Shelby American VP of Production, Gary Davis. “Working with partners like Ford Racing, it is docile enough to be a daily driver and still dominate the track on the weekends.”


The 624 HP Shelby GT/SC version is expected to blast from 0-60 mph in about 3.7 seconds; the quarter mile time should be in the mid 11 second range. The car should also pull over 1 G on the lateral skid-pad.


“No other carmaker offers this level of performance, heritage and iconic styling at this price, making the Shelby GT the best all-around American car in its class,” said Luft. “Each car will be issued a Shelby American CSM number for documentation in our Shelby American Worldwide Registry to help maximize potential future value.”


The price of the base Shelby GT package, not including the car, is $14,995, making a nicely equipped car about $45,000 in total. The Shelby GT/SC package begins at $27,995. Customers can build their Shelby GT online at





Carroll Shelby: King of the Road -- Mustang Countdown



For nearly 50 years, the name Shelby has been synonymous with high-performance Ford Mustangs. When Mustang first hit the streets in April 1964, it was stylish, affordable and fun to drive. But it wasn't until Carroll Shelby revealed the first GT350 early the next year that Mustang really developed a hard-core performance reputation. As the standard Mustangs got faster and more powerful, Carroll Shelby and his team kept ahead of the pack with later GT350s, the GT500 and GT500KR "King of the Road." Prior to his death in 2012, Shelby remained involved with high-performance Mustangs including the current 200 mph, 662-horsepower Shelby GT500 and insane 950-horsepower 2012 Shelby 1000.”



Shelby American Announces it Will End Limited Run of its Shelby GT350

LAS VEGAS – July 26, 2013Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI:PK), has announced that 2013 will be the last year of availability for its limited-run series of Shelby GT350 muscle cars. Shelby American will take new orders for the Shelby GT350 through December 31, 2013. Production of all other Shelby performance cars will continue.


“The Shelby GT350 is one of the world’s most celebrated, iconic muscle cars,” said John Luft, president of Shelby American. “When we unveiled this latest version of the Shelby GT350, we promised it would be built for a limited time to preserve its collectability and value. So we’ve been preparing for this day since 2010. In true Carroll Shelby fashion, we’re planning our next ultimate performance Shelby model.”


Shelby American’s approach has always been to first make history and then repeat it. In the 1960’s, Shelby American built the GT350 in small numbers for the 1965, 1966 and 1967 model years, making those cars among the most desirable, collectible vehicles on the planet.


The first (2011) model year 45th Anniversary Shelby GT350’s were all coupes clad in Competition white with Guardsmen blue stripes, just as Shelby American did with the initial car in 1965. In 2012, three more colors (red, blue and anniversary black/gold celebrating 50 years of Shelby American), as well as a convertible option were offered, similar to the options offered by Shelby American in 1966. For the 2013 model year, Shelby American again followed tradition with expanded color options, equipment choices and styling changes, while the performance improvements remained intact.

“The Shelby GT350’s rich history is well-documented,” said Shelby American Vice President of Production Gary Davis. “People value that heritage and tell us that they want this car to equal that exclusivity. We’re staying true to our commitment to deliver a small block car with high performance, unique styling and collectability in a way that honors our heritage.”


The concept behind the current GT350 was to build a car that is light, nimble and powerful. Beginning with the “small block” 5.0 liter Ford Mustang GT as its base, every aspect of the car is enhanced or replaced to create the ultimate, balanced performance pony car that is true to the spirit of the 1960’s era Shelby GT350.


“We’ve taken another page out of the ‘Carroll Shelby playbook’,” said Luft. “In the ever evolving automotive market, we continue to adapt to meet customer needs. While we’ll look back on the current GT350 with great love and devotion, as Carroll always said, ‘our favorite car is the next one we build’.”


Orders are now being taken for all 2012 - 2014 model year Shelby American GT350’s through the end of 2013; As of January 1, 2014, this chapter of Shelby American history will close. Production will continue on all existing models, including the Shelby GTS, GT500 Super Snake and Shelby 1000, Shelby Raptor muscle truck and hot hatch Shelby Focus ST.


The Legendary Dan Gurney

With the organizations that Carroll Shelby created running so strong today, it’s important to honor some of the talented individuals who laid the strong foundations for them. Dan Gurney was one of the brightest stars to have played a part in the Shelby legend.  


Gurney’s contribution to both Shelby’s success and motorsports cannot be overstated. He is considered one of the most versatile drivers of all time. Gurney captured four World Championship Grand Prix wins and three other F1 victories, as well as overall and GT victories at the World Championship Sports Car races at Daytona, Sebring, Targa Florio, Nuerburgring, Le Mans and Goodwood. He also won five NASCAR 500 mile races, seven in Indy car and just about every form of sports car and sedan racing competition in the world.


Gurney made racing history by winning the 1967 Grand Prix of Belgium in the Eagle. Piloting his Gurney Weslake V12 F1 car, he set a mark that has never been equaled in American motorsports. Dan Gurney is the only American to drive a car of his own construction into the winner's circle of a Grand Prix event.

Of course, Shelby fans will always associate Gurney with some of the organization’s greatest racing victories. Having competed against Carroll Shelby as a driver before the Texan’s retirement from the sport, Gurney joined Shelby American in 1963. The talented driver gave the team its first big victory at Bridgehamton while piloting a Shelby Cobra roadster.


When Shelby American stormed FIA racing on both sides of the Atlantic with its Cobras in 1964, Gurney drove alongside Ken Miles, Phil Hill, Bob Bondurant and others for the team. Co-driving with Bob Bondurant, he helped capture the GT category in the 1964 24 Hours of Le Mans in the Daytona Cobra Coupe. Gurney then won it alone at the Goodwood World Championship sports car race just months later. He had the ability to make the little roadsters and aerodynamic coupes fly smoothly around the track in a relentless pursuit of victory, regardless of the weather or competition.


Gurney’s most famous sports car win came at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt took Shelby American and Ford Motor Company, to their most prestigious winners circle during 1967. This Le Mans victory was the first and – thus far – only time that an American team with American drivers running an American engine has won the grueling race.

While famous for the “Gurney Bubble” and “Gurney Flap”, Gurney started the tradition of spraying champagne from the winner's podium. No one can forget the image of Gurney spraying Carroll Shelby and Henry Ford II after Le Mans in ’67.


Shelby and Gurney, with the help of Goodyear founded All American Racers in 1965. Gurney bought out Shelby a few years later and became sole owner of AAR. And after he left Shelby American, Gurney went on to earn one of the most illustrious careers in racing as a driver, constructor and team owner.

Dan Gurney will forever be one of the most successful and influential sports car racers of all time. Shelby fans worldwide will forever be indebted to Gurney for his efforts to put Shelby American in the winner’s circle.


Shelby American Goes Global with New Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility in Las Vegas

Facility to Streamline Production and Performance for Global Expansion


LAS VEGAS – June 25, 2013Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI.PK), announced today that the legendary high performance company will open a state-of-the-art global headquarters on December 1, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Located near the world famous “Strip” and McCarran International Airport, the 135,000 square-foot facility will house all operations under one roof, positioning one of the strongest independent automotive brands in the heart of one of the largest leisure and convention travel destinations in the world. The new headquarters fronts I-15 and is one block off of Las Vegas Blvd at 6405 Ensworth St.


“Shelby American is gearing up for global expansion,” said John Luft, president of Shelby American. “The decision to move operations into our new headquarters is consistent with what Carroll did many times in the past. Our new facility allows us to be more nimble and accessible to our customers, while dramatically improving production and operational efficiency.”


As the only auto manufacturer in the state of Nevada, Shelby American builds three continuation model Shelby Cobras, as well as Shelby versions of the Ford Shelby GT500, and Ford Mustang, Raptor and Focus. The current factory, located on the outskirts of town, is comprised of five buildings, each housing a different phase of the business. The new global headquarters combines the entire production process and Speed Shop with a historic Shelby automotive museum, gift shop and special factory tours.


“Consolidating our manufacturing and Speed Shop facilities under one roof will accelerate production while providing the flexibility to ramp up new vehicle models,” said Gary Davis, vice president of production, research and development at Shelby American. “We carefully planned this move for minimal interruption of customer deliveries by setting up duplicate production lines in both locations during the transition.”


With strong demand worldwide for the vehicles built by Shelby American, the company is moving into the European and emerging Asian markets. Combining the new facility with the company’s popular Shelby branded styling and performance parts distribution has the company poised to be a major player in the global automotive manufacturing and performance parts market.


“The hunger for American performance vehicles overseas is helping drive sales for Shelby branded parts worldwide,” said Jer Gervasi, vice president of the Shelby Performance Parts division. “As we grow our global vehicle and parts reach, this new facility positions us well for the future.”


Relocating to the heart of the most popular convention and tourist destination in the world was an important aspect in Shelby American’s decision making process. 


“Over the past 50 years, Carroll Shelby relocated Shelby American several times as the company evolved,” said Joe Conway, President of Carroll Shelby International. “From the original factory in Southern California to our recent facilities at the edge of the Nevada desert, each move was executed to meet the business needs of the company at that time. As Shelby American has evolved into a more consumer direct business, the need to be close to the famed Strip and close proximity to the airport will give the Shelby brand added exposure to millions of people who visit Las Vegas annually.”

Shelby American is planning a grand opening event for the new global headquarters later this year. Details will be announced as they become available at




President of Shelby American John Luft Unveils New Shelby Raptor Muscle Truck at the New York International Auto Show



Shelby American Delivers BIG Power in a BIG Package, Unveiling the Ultimate Muscle Truck at the New York Auto Show Today

LAS VEGAS – March 28, 2013Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc., (CSBI.PK), today unveiled the new Shelby Raptor, one of the most powerful, exciting and collectible off-road production trucks, during the New York International Auto Show. The Shelby Raptor marks the return of the Shelby muscle truck and is based on the 2013 Ford SVT Raptor with enhanced power and handling, topped with “Shelby Style” inside and out.


“As a native Texan, Carroll Shelby loved powerful trucks,” said John Luft, president of Shelby American. “Carroll connected his love for trucks with his passion for performance on several projects, with the first one over 30 years ago. The latest Shelby truck was created to conquer any terrain with serious velocity.”


Shelby American takes the impressive Ford SVT Raptor and adds some “Shelby Magic” to create the ultimate muscle truck. By forcing air through a 2.9 liter supercharger mounted on the massive 6.2L V8 engine, and then out of the Shelby Borla exhaust system, Shelby American takes the stock 411 HP rating and kicks it up to 575 HP. A six-speed automatic transfers power to all four wheels and features a manual mode to give the driver complete gear selection control.


“Aerodynamically speaking, the Raptor was engineered for maximum performance,” said Gary Patterson, vice president of operations for Shelby American. “We spent our efforts improving the power, cooling and handling systems because every Shelby is built to excel under even the most extreme conditions.”


Equipped with 35-inch Goodrich All-Terrain tires and optional custom wheels, the Shelby Raptor stays connected to any ground it faces. The “Off-Road” mode calibrates the transmission, stability and traction control systems to operate in harmony under high-speed off-road situations. In addition, any of the three Shelby graphics packages will help set it apart from every other rig on the road.


“The Shelby Raptor was an absolute thrill to test across the Nevada desert,” said Vince LaViolette, Shelby American’s test driver. “The suspension system allows the Raptor to go over, around or through just about any obstacle. When more power is needed, just stroke the gas to spool up the supercharger and make the big tires rip.”


The post-title package starts at $17,995, not including the base Raptor. A limited production of 100 Shelby Raptors will be built per model year and each will be numbered and documented with a unique Shelby CSM number and entered into the official Shelby Registry.


The Shelby American line up now has something for everybody,” added Luft. “We continue to offer the legendary Cobra sports car, along with our GTS, GT350, Super Snake and Shelby 1000 based on the current Ford Mustang and Ford Shelby GT500 vehicles. We took a page out of our history by bringing back Carroll’s beloved front wheel drive ‘pocket rocket’ with the Shelby Focus ST. Since Shelby American’s first official appearance was at the New York Auto Show over 50 years ago, it’s fitting that our ‘biggest and baddest’ product unveil of the year, the Shelby Raptor truck, would occur in Manhattan.”


Shelby American is now accepting orders for the limited edition Shelby Raptor truck. Those interested in reserving a truck should contact the sales team at (702) 942-7325 or visit


Shelby American Brings World's Most Powerful Street Production Muscle Car Back to the New York Auto Show

LAS VEGAS – March 22, 2013Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc., (CSBI.PK), will introduce the 2013 version of the most powerful production, street legal muscle car in the world on March 28, 2013, at the New York International Auto Show. The company will have on display its 2013 Shelby 1000 S/C version with 1,200 horsepower, which is based on the Ford Shelby GT500. Beginning with Ford’s new massive 5.8L V8 power plant, the 2013 Shelby 1000 puts unprecedented horsepower to the pavement, while running on pump gas.


“The 2012 Shelby 1000 was launched to great acclaim at the New York Auto Show last year to celebrate our 50th anniversary,” said John Luft, president of Shelby American. “We’re bringing back the Shelby 1000 to New York, but with Ford’s new 2013 Shelby GT500 as the base car. With its new engine, launch control, adjustable suspension and other new enhancements, we’ve created a car with even more capabilities. The 2013 Shelby 1000 incorporates everything we’ve learned over five decades of creating high-performance vehicles.”


While the stock 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 offers 662 HP, Shelby American strips the 5.8 liter engine down to the block, strengthens the internals and then cranks up the power. Combining a finely tuned adjustable suspension with a performance cooling package, big brakes and serious horsepower, the Shelby can outperform exotics costing three-to-four times more.


“The 2013 Shelby 1000 is the most powerful production muscle car on the market,” said Vince LaViolette, Shelby American’s test driver. “But this car cannot be defined by just its amazing power. The steering provides wonderful feedback and the car tracks beautifully, giving it an athletic feel. It attacks corners, ripping through them with minimal body roll and tremendous grip. Yet the Shelby 1000 can be so docile that you can cruise it down the streets of Manhattan.”


The 2013 Shelby 1000 S/C track version runs on pump gas and is rated at 1,200 HP. The post-title package starts at $154,995, not including the base GT500. A limited production of 100 2013 Shelby 1000’s will be built and each will be numbered and documented in the official Shelby Registry.


Shelby American will also unveil another vehicle at the New York International Auto Show. Like the Shelby Focus ST, it will not be Ford Mustang based.


Shelby American is now accepting orders for the limited edition 2013 Shelby 1000. Those interested in reserving a car should contact the Shelby American Sales team at (702) 942-7325 or visit


The New 2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake Breaks Mid-Tens in the Quarter Mile

LAS VEGAS – March 07, 2013Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc., (CSBI.PK), has released its quarter mile report for 2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake. Staying true to the Shelby name, the new 850 HP Super Snake produced a series of mid ten-second quarter mile runs in excess of 135 mph at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradenton, Fla.


After unleashing 850 horses on the drag strip, the independent test driver concluded that, “the 2013 Super Snake is one of the most amazing Mustangs we’ve driven and is the fastest and most responsive Mustang we’ve tested to date. It makes every bit of the advertised 850 horsepower, and we put it to the test on the track. It produced a series of mid-10-second runs at over 135 mph, which is staggering performance for a 50-state-legal, emission compliant vehicle. Our best run clocked a 10.66 second time at 137 mph with Nitto NT555R street tires.”


With Ford’s 2013 Shelby GT500 boasting 662 HP right off the line, the Ford Racing Whipple or optional Kenne Bell supercharger upgrade from Shelby American takes the Super Snake to the next level. Combining serious power with a finely tuned suspension package and Shelby performance cooling package, this car is a game changer.


“The 2013 Super Snake’s impressive quarter mile test numbers, using pump gas and street tires, ranks it among the fastest production cars available,” said John Luft, president of Shelby American. “But it’s more than just raw power and ridged track performance. Owners can drive this car every day with its docile and comfortable ride in normal traffic situations.”


The independent tester added that, “with a drag race setup the Super Snake would likely produce quarter mile runs in the nine second range, yet it maintains all the comfort and features of any new Shelby. Even the Launch Control worked flawlessly. Clutch actuation is smooth and precise and the suspension provides enhanced performance without sacrificing ride quality."


The 2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake post-title package starts at $28,995.00 for the 662 HP version and $39,995.00 for the 850 HP model, not including the base car.  Only 500 of these cars will be built, all at the Shelby American factory in Las Vegas.   Customers can build their dream Shelby Super Snake online with the “Build-One” program at  Those interested in a car can also contact the Shelby American sales department at (702) 942-7325 or go to


Shelby Cobra Featured in Priceline Commercial Alongside William Shatner and Kaley Cuoco

GARDENA, Calif. – Feb. 21, 2013Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI.PK), teamed up with to ensure that expert “Negotiator” William Shatner has the coolest wheels to make the best deals for travelers across the country. In the latest commercial from to promote its Express Deals(sm) hotel reservation service, Shatner and his daughter, played by The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco, roar across the screen in a big block Shelby Cobra.


“The Shelby Cobra is one of the most recognized and iconic performance vehicles of all time,” said Tracey Smith, Carroll Shelby Licensing president. “It represents all the best attributes of the Shelby brand and we’re thrilled to see it featured in such a cool way. The Cobra makes a great stand-out visual for’s message with a fun nod to pop-culture.”


The Cobra 427 plays an important role in the TV commercial as Priceline Negotiator William Shatner drops his daughter off with a clan of monks at a mysterious dojo on the top of a deserted mountain. Twenty years later, and cruising in the same fashionable wheels, Shatner picks up his matured daughter played by Cuoco. She is now as savvy as her famous father in finding consumers the best travel deals.


“The choice of a Shelby perfectly complemented our message,” said Chief Marketing Officer Brett Keller. “The Negotiator is a suave, super-spy type character and needed sophisticated wheels to match. William Shatner and Kaley Cuoco appeal to multiple generations, and we needed an automobile with timeless appeal that resonates across all those age groups. The Cobra is a perfect fit.”


Express Deals is's newest and most family-friendly hotel reservation service that can save travelers up to 45 percent without bidding on a room. With Express Deals, customers choose the city, neighborhood and star-level hotel they want, see its amenities and, in some cases, even specify the bedding they want. Visit for the best deals on hotels, flights, rental cars, vacations and cruises.


To learn how to become an official Carroll Shelby brand licensee, log on to or call (310) 914-1843.



R.I.P. Phil Remington

We were saddened to learn of Phil Remington’s passing on Feb. 8, 2013. He will reign among the greatest of heroes for everyone who loves speed.


It is impossible to overstate Phil’s contribution to Shelby American. A master with the wrench, he combined the uncanny ability to fabricate anything, manage a team of craftsmen mechanics and build fast, powerful cars.


With his contributions, Shelby American achieved stellar success on and off the track with such memorable cars as the Cobra, GT350 and the Ford GT40. We will keep the Remington family in our prayers while feeling fortunate that he had such an impact on all of our lives.

John Luft


Shelby American, Inc.


Phil Remington Official Obituary

All American Racers is sad to announce that Phil Remington passed away in his sleep Saturday morning, February 9th, just 2 weeks after his 92nd birthday.

"Rem” joined AAR in the fall of 1968 after an already stellar career in the motor racing world. He was universally admired and recognized as the greatest fabricator of his time. Until his health started failing last summer Phil never missed a day of work, he was an example both professionally and personally to legions of young people who studied under him and who worked by his side.

It will be difficult for us to walk by his old wooden workbench on the shop floor and not hear the sound of his hammer or see a smile break out on his face having just finished his latest masterpiece. Our heartfelt condolences go to his daughter Kati, his son-in-law Dave and his two grandsons Tynan and Brady.

On the occasion of his 80th and 90th birthdays we wrote tributes to Phil which we think capture the man and his life and work, we like to present some excerpts here:

Watching Tom Hanks try to get off the island in the movie "Castaway" a few years ago, all we could think of was "Where is Rem?" Had the legendary Mr. Fix-it, motor racing’s best known fabricator been there, they would have been off that island in no time. Phil would have known how to hammer together a boat from bark and build a make-shift helicopter from old socks. He was a one man fire brigade which the top factory racing teams called upon when in trouble.

In 44 years at our company, nobody remembers Phil missing a day of work. His ability as a fabricator, designer, draftsman, engineer and all- technical -problem - solving- genius has inspired three generations of racers be it behind the wheel, in the pits or on the shop floor. A huge number of alumni of AAR's Remington University have gone on to establish their own often formidable careers in the racing industry.

Born in 1921 in Santa Monica, cradle of the hotrod civilization, Phil served as a flight engineer in the South Pacific in World War II. After the war he started racing hotrods on the dry lakes. A severe motorcycle accident which almost cost him a leg, finished this particular career and launched another. He found out what he could do with his hands, a hammer and a piece of metal. And he could do it faster and better.

And so the journey began which took him around the world with the greatest racing teams of the day. He was with Lance Reventlow in Monte Carlo when he ran the first American F I car, he helped the Ford Shelby Cobra Team win the Championship over Ferrari in 1965, he was in the pits when Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt won Ford's biggest victory at Le Mans in 1967, he joined Holman and Moody on the Southern circuit and led an endurance test for Ford Motor Company through hazardous Afghanistan in the middle 50s. He was at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway when the Gurney Eagles dominated the Indy car scene in the early 70s. He saw Bobby Unser drink that precious bottle of milk after winning the Indy 500 in 1975 in an Eagle which Rem helped build and naturally he was at Daytona, Sebring and Watkins Glen when the GTO Celicas and GTP Eagles won IMSA Championships. Phil - literally - had a hand in every victory.

Modest, handsome, outspoken, politically incorrect, proud, fiercely competitive, cantankerous, enthusiastic and blessed with a wicked sense of humor, he became a respected and beloved elder statesman at the company. After his wife Joy died in 2000, he lived on his own shunning any talks of help or of retirement. Last spring at 91 years of age, Phil was part of the AAR crew which built the DeltaWing - what a fitting finale to a great life in the motor racing industry!

Justin Gurney, AAR CEO, said Phil's merciless work ethic and can-do attitude reverberated throughout the shop and will continue to be a shining example in the future. "Most of us in the younger generation have known Mr. Remington for our entire working lives. Considering his robust health almost to the very end, we were tempted to think he would live forever. We have been in awe of his talents and afraid of his scorn. If something was not done to his exact specifications, the hammer came down... If for instance he did not like the music emanating from somebody's radio, he would not hesitate to saw it in half during lunch hour. Next time we hear thunder, it might just be Rem with his homemade hammers repairing the Pearly Gates."

Dan Gurney called Phil AAR's ‘Rock of Gibraltar'. "He was a marvel, an old salt and an inspiration to young and old. We owe him a ton of gratitude for all the good things he has done for us and many other racing teams through the last half century. He was an original and can never be replaced. God's speed Rem, we love you and we will miss you every day".


Further data on Phil Remington's life and career can be found on our webpage An article “Mr. Fix-it” by Preston Lerner which appeared in the July edition of Sports Car International Magazine in 1980 is posted in the "archive" section.



Known for his impeccable talents as a sculptor, Automotive Fine Arts Society (AFAS) member Richard Pietruska honored the legendary automotive icon, Carroll Shelby, and the 50th anniversary of the Shelby Cobra with his amazing Cobra sculpture featured here.

“2012 is a special year for automotive enthusiasts around the world,” said Pietruska. “It marks the 50th anniversary of the Shelby Cobra, an iconic sports car that will always be remembered for its battle against Ferrari. To commemorate this occasion, I have created new sculptures and brought back a few old works of these legendary vehicles as a tribute to the renowned Cobra Ferrari Wars.”


Pietruska has won many awards, including his most recent, Award of Excellence at the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance as well as three Peter Helck Awards over the years.  He is also a highly respected professor at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where he has been teaching for more than 25 years. For more on Richard Pietruska and his fine art work, click here or visit


The Carroll Shelby Foundation and Automotive Fine Arts Society member Tom Fritz have joined forces to honor Carroll Shelby and raise money for a worthy cause. Fritz's painting "Carroll Shelby" is now officially licensed and available for purchase as a canvas or poster print edition, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Carroll Shelby Foundation. Those interested in purchasing the painting and/or posters can do so online or by clicking here.





Check out CNET's road trip to the Las Vegas factory where history is created!


Celebrating 50 years of the Shelby Cobra in Ponoma, California

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the Cobra, a massive Shelby Cobra reunion was held at the Wally Parks N.H.R.A. Motorsports Museum in Pomona, California, where hundreds of Shelby enthusiasts and Cobra owners flocked for the celebration last weekend. Click HERE and take a look at AutoBlog's photo gallery and coverage of the festivities!



Shelby fans have one last chance to own the 50th anniversary Shelby Cobra through year-long raffle

The Carroll Shelby Foundation is offering fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win a 50th anniversary Shelby Cobra. Throughout 2012, which marks the golden anniversary of the Shelby Cobra and Shelby American, people can enter a raffle for the chance to put this rare vehicle in their own garage. The 50th Shelby Cobra up for raffle made its first appearance at Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction™ in Scottsdale Jan. 17-22, 2012.

Click on the link below to get more details!



Shelby American Celebrates 50 Years of High Performance with Special Anniversary Edition Cars


To honor its 50th anniversary, Shelby American™, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc., (CSBI.PK), is unleashing a new line of Anniversary Edition Shelby GTS, GT350® and Super Snake® vehicles. Only 50 white and 50 black of each post title Shelby model will be manufactured, making it an instant collector's item and an iconic piece of automotive history.

"Few thought that Shelby American would make it in the car business for 50 years," said Carroll Shelby. "We built the first Cobra in a rented garage and then GT350's in an old hanger. But our company is still here, manufacturing the best cars that I've ever made. The next 50 years will be even better for Shelby American."


Follow the link for the full story!


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